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How MOT tests keep you and your car safe

An MOT is a mandatory annual assessment of all cars over three years old to ensure that all drivers have roadworthy vehicles that meet a minimum safety standard.

MOT Testing The Garage Eccleshall

With over 31 million cars registered in the United Kingdom, it's important that drivers regularly get their vehicles checked. The MOT test has been in place for over 60 years and reviews over 50 components of the car for safety.

The MOT can be thought of as a minimum standard, rigorously applied, and all MOT testers follow prescribed guidelines as to what is acceptable, and what is not. This means that there should be little variation between one MOT testing station and another as to what the minimum safe standard is.

Whilst appropriate servicing and maintenance of a car is very important and contributes to the safety and road worthiness of a vehicle, undertaking a service to a manufactures schedule and a vehicle MOT are quite different procedures in how they are carried out.

When should I book my MOT?

Once the car is three years old from the date of registration it will require an annual MOT test. This can be undertaken up to 28 days before the due date and still maintain the full 12-month validity.

It is useful to set a reminder, or use the government text based service ( if you need a prompt, and there are many apps available (such as; knowyourcar) that will help you with this.

What does a MOT assessment include?

The MOT assessment includes tests on 50 different parts and components of the vehicle to assess overall road worthiness and establish if the vehicle is safe to drive. These include:

  • Brake fluid

  • Steering control

  • Windscreen wipers

  • Horn

  • Lights & Headlamp aim

  • Tyres

  • Suspension components

  • Seatbelts

The MOT also includes a test on the vehicle emissions to take into account environmental concerns.

How long does an MOT test take?

MOT assessments usually take around 45-60 minutes depending on the state and any potential issues that arise with the vehicle.

Although some people wait for the test to be completed, if your vehicle requires any repairs to meet the MOT standard, then you can expect your vehicle to stay in for longer or you may be required to bring your vehicle back for repairs and then retesting.

Once all the tests are completed an MOT certificate will be issued which shows that the car is safe for drivers to use. These are immediately registered on the DVLA electronic register.

Why might my car fail and MOT Test?

Although your vehicle may sound and look in ship shape, many cars fail their MOT tests for easily fixable reasons that you should look out for before your next MOT.

  1. Visibility: Check that the wipers are in good condition and wash water level is maintained. This simple operation may take a few minutes, so be careful not to be caught off guard.

  2. Registration issues. Make sure your plate follows DVLA rules and is clean and comprehensible.

  3. Tyre condition: Tyres will wear and cause lower fuel economy if they are not at the correct pressure, so check your tyre pressures and the condition of tyre before your MOT test.

  4. Warning lights. The MOT assessment has included warning lights so make sure you know what lit-up warning lights mean and sort out the underlying problem before the MOT.

Of course, there are other prescribed reasons your car might fail an MOT test, but they all have a valid reason, and many can be easily remedied. Regular checks on your vehicle can mitigate many of the common reasons for failure, and garage like ours will often do these checks for free.

How much can a garage charge for an MOT?

For cars and light vans that are over 3 years old, the government sets the maximum an MOT test can cost at £54.85. At The Garage, Eccleshall we charge £49.50, which includes a free re-test, should your car require it

MOT Test Centre The Garage Eccleshall

At The Garage, Eccleshall we are passionate about vehicle safety and making sure that your will run smoothly and safely no matter how long or short your journeys are.

We provide full MOT Testing as well as full servicing and repair to ensure you can drive away quickly, safely and prolong the long-term value of your car.

We operate Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, with an out off hours drop off service and courtesy cars available.

To book in your MOT test with us at The Garage Eccleshall, get in touch by ringing 01785 851239 or filling out a contact form below!



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